we can organize for you as a special request – to dive the world’s largest and one of the most popular wrecks – a MUST for experienced wreck loving divers.

In 1991 during a crossing, there was a fault in the engine which resulted in several explosions and a big fire. During the rescue operation while she was being towed to shallower water, she split in 2 pieces – the 95 Mt bow sank to -480 Mt depth and the remaining 250 Mt stern lies at -80 Mt.

Its spectacular castle on the stern rises from -55 Mt up to -33 Mt.

Location: Arenzano (GE)
Type: Super tanker
Length: 334 Mt
Width: 51 Mt
Portata lorda: 230 tons
Altezza: 26 Mt
Velocità a pieno carico: 15,3 kts
Max. Depth: 80 Mt
Min. Depth: 40 Mt
Avg. Depth: 54 Mt
Visibility: goof
Current: low
Difficulty: variable