The Altar

The dive begins inside a lovely bay, characterised by boulders of various shapes and sizes.
The bay has a depth between 6 and 15 Mt and is therefore perfect for beginners.
Heading west and keeping at a depth of 18 Mt, you will come across two big pinnacles that rise above a spectacular wall. The wall drops to more than 45 Mt.
The wall is completely painted with branches of red coral, this is one of the richest colonies of red coral in the Marine Park and it is breathtaking.
Along the wall, there are many splits and cracks and you will find many lobsters and often conger eels.
Passing the wall of red coral, you will join another wall, but this one is an impressive carpet of pink Gorgonian (Sea fans).
After that you start ascending along a sendy area until you reach a big rock. You swim underneath the rock and you will see beautiful Parazoanthus axinellae (Yellow cluster anenome) and many large groupers who hide behind the rock formation.
Your dive ends back inside the beautiful bay.

Underwater landscape: Collapsed wall

Average depth: 25m

Visibility: Good / excellent

Dive Level: Easy

Current: No current

Marine Environment: Beautiful wall of coral, sea fans, Scleractinia coral (stony corals), Parazoanthus axinellae (Yellow cluster anenome), Polychaete worms (Bristle worms)

Marine life: Grouper, snapper, bream, barracuda, lobsters, sea bream, croakers, conger eels, crabs.