RED PATH (up to -40 meters)
After the pre-dive check we will descend near the chain.
Reached the dead body of the buoy at about -20 meters, we will kick eastwards until we meet the rocky wall which we will follow keeping it on our left. At -35 meters there is a cave, a few meters deep, very rich in red coral. In front of the entrance, leaning against a rock, there is a Bibombola and a plaque in memory of a diver.
After having visited it, with the help of a torch, we will continue the wall to the left going up diagonally until we reach a plateau where at -22 meters, in correspondence with a tongue of sand in the middle of the rocks, we will find the entrance of a long siphon about ten meters in which the upper part is covered with small branches of red coral. Be very careful not to hit them with your fins. Only divers who have excellent trim, attitude and a CAVERN PATENT may enter. Reached the exit at -18 meters, turn right and continue until you reach giant square boulders. From here we will begin the return journey with the wall on the right towards the bay where we went down for the last part of the dive.

Those who do not want to or will not be able to enter the siphon will leave the entrance on their left and continue the dive by flying over the rock formation that dominates the siphon. Easy to spot snappers, groupers, barracudas. From there we will reach giant square boulders that indicate that it is time to return to the bay for the last part of the dive, keeping the wall on our right.
Once near the bay, with the wall on our right we will continue to follow the trend of the cliff and after a few minutes, at -10 meters, hidden by a large boulder, the entrance to the Cavern will open.
A peculiarity of this cave is the possibility of using a small siphon that will lead us to a room on the surface where you can admire the limestone concretions that line the walls. Above us a fireplace lets in the light from the outside. Those who are in possession of a Cavern or Cave license can request information on the route to follow from the Diving Instructors.
Leaving the cave at -6 meters we will turn left, following the course of the wall we will reach at about 8/6 meters a beautiful wall of parazoanthus axinellae, or commonly called sea daisies, which will appear in front of us in all its intense yellow color. (assuming you have a torch to light it). Here we will stop for 3 minutes at 5 meters and finning to the right, towards the south-west, to reach the boat.

GREEN PATH (up to -18 mt)
After the pre-dive check we will start by descending near the chain. At -18 meters we will fin towards the EAST towards the rock formation where the spectacle of snappers, groupers, barracudas is almost always guaranteed. Continuing to fin in the same direction, at a depth of -18 meters, we will meet giant square boulders that indicate the point of turnaround. Holding the wall on our right we will head towards the bay for the last part of the dive, at the beginning of the bay, at a depth of about 6/8 meters, we will admire a beautiful wall covered with Parazoanthus Axinellae, or commonly called sea daisies. , of an intense yellow. We will continue to the right wall until we meet an opening in the wall above a large rock at -6 meters. With a torch we will be able to illuminate the inside of the cave without entering. WITHOUT A CAVERN PATENT FORBIDDEN TO ENTER. Here we will stop for 3 mn to – 5 m and then leave the wall behind us and reach the boat by swimming for about 15 m towards the open sea.

THE VIDEO BRIEFING refers to the RED path.

Video Briefing

Cecilia Luconi

Underwater landscape wall, caves, siphon
Average depth 27 mt.
Visibility Good 
Current No 
Marine Environment Gorgonians, red coral, madrepores, posidonia, spirographs, parazoanthus axinellae
Marine Life Groupers, snappers, sea bream, barracuda, moray eels, saleps, lobsters, nudibranchs