Grotta dell'Eremita

The cave in this site is not under water but emerged in the wall of the headland.
The seabed is sandy and going out to sea, towards the east, is interrupted by some boulders covered by sponges.
At- 20 mt encounter two large hollow rock blocks that allow the passage inside the vault where we can see colonies of false coral, sponges and even colored nudibranchs.
Continuing we can run into big specimens of fin nobilis. By browsing in them they can be glimpsed decapod crustaceans that live in symbiosis.
We can see the sea fans only if we go beyond the -35 mt.

Underwater landscape: landslide

Average depth: 20m

Viisibility: Good

Dive level: Easy

Current: no current

Marine Environment: corals, coral, sea grass,

Marine life: bream, sea bream, bogue, grouper, snapper, conger