Cave of the Shrimps

Grotta dei Gamberi is beautiful canyon that opens between 20 and 35 mt. It is characterised by two colourful walls of red coral and beautiful sponges that are found in every little crack.

You can go across the canyon and descend to 33 Mt where the wall is a bank full of pink gorgonias (sea fans) and there are an abundance of snappers everywhere.
At 38 Mt there is a wide split which creates a cave. It is completely covered with Parapandalus shrimp, hence the name, Grotta dei Gamberi (Cave of the Shrimps). The cave is also inhabited by crabs, lobsters, forkbeards and vibrant red coral.
It is possible to enter the narrow cavity, being very careful not to bump the walls full of life.
During May-June, giant Moon Fish (also known as Ocean Sunfish) appear frequently.

Underwater landscape: Wall & ocean bank

Average depth : 30m

Visibility: Good

Current: Low/ moderate

Dive Level: All divers

Marine Environment: Gorgonians, red coral, sponges, corals

Marine Life: Groupers, snappers, eels, scorpion fish & shrimp parapandalus