Punta dell'Indiano

Punta Dell’Indiano got its name because the formation of the rock that emerges from the water in front of the mooring, resembles a native American Indian face with head-dress.
The dive site is located inside San Fruttuoso bay, on the opposite side from the Christ of the Abyss dive site.
It is a majestic wall that rises from 50 metres to 25 metres.
It is an impressive sight there are amazing Gorgonia (Sea fans), red coral, sponges, lobsters, conger and moray eels.
The seabed is rich in Codium bursa, (Green Sponge Balls/Ball Alga).
On the way back to the bay, you swim over the wall which is covered with Posidonia (sea grass, a species of flowering plants found in the Mediterranean and around the south coast of Australia.
There is large chain lying on the sea bed that leads  divers to the mooring chain.

Underwater landscape: Wall

Average depth: 27 m

Dive Level: Easy/medium

Visibility: Good

Current: No current

Marine Environment: Gorgonian (Sea fans), corals, Posidonia (Sea grass)

Marine life: Grouper, snapper, octopus, moray eels, Bogue (sea bream/Boops boops) & Codium bursa, (Green Sponge Balls/Ball Alga)