Punta della Targhetta

Punta Della Targhetta is situated in a tiny bay in the shadow of a rocky promontory to the East.
The sea bed descends gradually until a depth of 16 mt. Here, on the left, there is a vertical rock face which plunges to a depth of 20 mt where you can encounter large snappers ( dentix) as they explore the Neptune grass in search of moray eels.
This dive is a good dive for less experienced divers, because there are beautiful red corals at a depth that all divers are able to go.

Underwater landscape: Wall

Average depth: 21 mt

Visibility: Good

Dive Level: Easy

Current: No current

Marine environment: Yellow sea fan, corals and sponges

Marine life: Snappers, groupers, bream, sea bream, moray eels & octopus