Rock of Diamonds

This dive site is good for less experienced divers because the most beautiful part of the dive is between 10 and 20 Mt with a maximum depth of 30 Mt.
Head towards the west and is best to stay at 20 Mt. Massive boulders form several roofs, under which you will find many different species of fish.
If, instead, you head toward the east, you will come across a landslide. At 30 MT you will see red corals and Gorgonian (Sea fans).
Moray eels and octopuses find shelter in the various gorges and splits in the rock. Groupers are always around the boulders.
Remember to look out into the blue and you will see shoals of snapper and amberjack passing by.

Underwater landscape: Landslide

Average depth: 20m

Visibility: Good / excellent

Dive level: Easy

Current: No current

Marine Environment: Posidonia (Sea grass), coral, corals, sponges, anemones.

Marine life: Grouper, snapper, bream, scorpion fish, moray eels, bream, lobster & croakers