Secca Carega

This wonderful dive site is one of the most popular in the Marine Park. The dive is named after Dario Gonzatti who created and tested early scuba gear in these waters and lost his life doing so. “The Christ of the Abyss” in San Fruttuoso Bay was commissioned in his honour.
Anyone who dives here always comes out of the water enthusiastic and happy!
There is a natural rock platform at 5 Mt below sea level. A  canyon at 20 Mt separates it from the wall of the headland.
The best depth to see fish is between 10 and 20 Mt. The current does make this more challenging, but the environment you discover is a fantastic explosion of marine life such as snapper, amberjack, barracuda, damselfish, bream and smelt.
In May and June this is a favourite spot for the Moon Fish (Ocean Sunfish).
The dive takes place around the large rock formation which reaches a depth of over 50 metres from the coast. There are many cracks in the rocks and you can easily spot lobsters, octopuses and conger eels.
Below 30Mt there are spectacular red corals and Gorgonian (Sea fans).
There are always large schools of barracuda and clouds of damselfish attract predators that come in from the blue such as big snapper and tunas, together with large numbers of giant groupers, who are always the undisputed protagonists of this underwater paradise.

Underwater landscape: Large rock formation

Average depth: 21mt

Visibility: Good

Current: Low / moderate

Dive level: Medium

Marine Environment: Coral, Gorgonian (Sea fans), anemones, corals, Posidonia (Sea grass)

Marine life: Barracuda, grouper, snapper, amberjack, sea slugs, octopus, moray eels, lobsters, lobsters, scorpionfish