Private boat
We offer  half day tours of the beautiful coastline of the Portofino Marine Park. It is absolutely spectacular, wild and unspoilt. You will go to San Fruttuoso Bay and see the famous Abbey. In the bay you can swim underwater and see the most famous dive in the Mediterranean – the giant submerged statue, “The Christ of the Abyss”.

Then we head off to Punta Chiappa and Portofino itself, stopping in several places so you can snorkel or just lie in the sun, as you wish.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent, friendly personal service. All snorkelling equipment is included and you will get the chance to taste delicious Ligurian specialities with a cool glass of Ligurian wine or soft drinks at Portofino bay.

Bring your own towels – on your return, if you want to use our divecentre facilities for a hot shower, you are very welcome.

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Sharing boat with other snorkellers and maybe scuba divers

We leave from the port of Santa Margherita and head out to the Portofino promontory and its  protected marine park. The coastline is spectacular and you will be able to appreciate the views of the whole of the Natural Park of Portofino, the cliffs, passing superyachts, fishing boats and Portofino.

Depending on who else is on board with you, we try to include San Fruttuoso Bay and “The Christ of the Abyss” and another spot where there is shallow water and you can see the typical Mediterranean marine life including big snappers, giant groupers and schools of little sardines.

But we cannot guarantee where we go until the day because it also depends on other boats in the marine park – there are rules about how many boats can stop in one place at a time.

But, wherever we go, you will be able to enjoy the landscape and the seascape and cool off in the water snorkelling – its a great way to see the area from the sea.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 30 Euros per person including Marine Park entry, equipment, VAT and all taxes.

Please contact us for more information about private tour and prices