This is an amazing adventure for everyone who wants to see the world under the water with their own eyes and decide whether to continue to get an Open Water Certification. Anyone from the age of 10 can experience this fantastic day that will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.
Discover Scuba Diving begins with an introduction to the world of scuba diving and the wonderful marine life and world waiting to greet you when you descend for the first time. Your first dive will be in shallow water from the beach with your instructor so you can gain a few simple, but fundamental diving skills to prepare you and give you confidence before your second, deeper dive.

Once you have completed the skills, you can do your second dive from our boat inside the marine park of Portofino.
You will go a bit deeper (12 mt max) – you will love feeling, the freedom of being weightless, like you are flying…. your fun is just beginning! Congratulations you have gained your first diving diploma in only 1 day!!

From this point you can carry on straightaway and get your PADI Open Water Certification or if you don’t have the time this trip….that’s ok. Your Discover Scuba Diving Diploma is valid for one year so you can choose another time to do it.