This is the most popular diving course, your first diver qualification, which will enable you to travel from ocean to ocean around the world exploring and experiencing the magnificent land under the water , the mountains, the valleys, the volcanoes and the canyons, the rainbow reefs and the majestic shipwrecks.
The course comprises 5 lessons out of the water, followed by an exam.
You also complete 5 confined water sessions with your instructor to gain all the diving skills you will need to dive confidently and safely for your first 4 open water dives to a max depth of 18 meters.
During this time our team will enjoy sharing what we know about the marine life under the water and also the other life above it!!
If you are a member of a dive club and you have already completed your lessons and confined water sections then we are happy for you to complete your training with us for the open water sessions.
Just remember to ask your instructor at home to give you the OWD transfer form to bring with you and we will take care of the rest.


PADI also offers E-Learning to enable you to complete the theory modules before you go on holiday. The advantages of this are that you can learn in your own language, at your own speed and you won’t need to spend holiday time studying. Doing this also means that you ca use that extra time in the water with your Instructor.

To check this out, please click the link is below: