The IANTD Advanced EANx Diver course was the first program of its kind, specifically designed to provide complete and adequate training for diving, up to a maximum depth of 42 m, with two nitrox mixes, one bottom and one di decompression. This IANTD course is the most important after the initial one and determines the definitive transition from a recreational activity to a more demanding one. The IANTD Advanced EANx Diver course will allow divers to acquire awareness, determination and a sense of responsibility that will enable them to safely explore greater depths and for longer residence times.

The first step is represented by the study of the IANTD Advanced EANx Diver manual. It was specifically developed to form the student’s knowledge, training and maturity. It includes theoretical knowledge of physical and physiological principles, psychomotor exercises, the right training, physical fitness, experience, character maturity and knowledge of the equipment. All essential topics whose mastery is essential to deal with deep dives with Nitrox mixtures (EANx) up to 42 meters with decompression in the right way. During training in confined water and diving, the student will put into practice what he has learned, refining his skills to the highest level. At the end of the course, the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers will issue the relative patent.

Have the IANTD EANx Diver and Deep Air Diver certification or equivalent.
Be 18 years of age.

During the course it is mandatory to use the IANTD ADVANCED EANx DIVER manual with the relevant dive tables and stickers. The dives must be recorded in the appropriate dive book and signed by the instructor.

Eight (8) theory lessons as provided in the manual.
At least one confined water session to develop diving skills.
One hundred and twenty minutes of immersion (bottom time) to be carried out in four (4) dives, of which two at a depth between 30 m and 42 m and one with a maximum depth of 42 m.


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