This program was developed to train divers to safely perform cave diving and to develop awareness and attitude to personal responsibility and proper risk management. The program can be conducted with both air and nitrox blends, with the latter blends only if IANTD EANx Diver patented or equivalent patent. For those who have obtained the Recreational Trimix Diver’s patent, the hyperoxic mixtures provided can be used.

The IANTD Cavern Diver course develops the student’s ability to dive in obstructed environments of basic difficulty, with penetrations into the cave where the light of the exit is visible, or an exit, in the event that the cave has more access to view. The student’s self-control skills will be developed, psychomotor and aquatic skills to swim in obstructed environments without raising sediments and the use of the Ariadne’s thread in order not to lose the direction of the exit. The IANTD Cavern Diver course will connect all the aforementioned factors in an organic and reasoned way, following a precise learning sequence, so that the diver can, through appropriate training, be able to use his knowledge within the limits of his training for diving in perfect safety in caves and obstructed places .. At the end of the course the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers will issue the relative IANTD Cavern Diver certification.

Have the IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent of other recognized teaching.
The possession of the IANTD EANx Diver certification or equivalent is highly recommended.
Minimum 20 dives recorded on the log book.
Be 15 years of age with tutor authorization.

Anyone already in possession of a technical patent or Sidemount can be certified as IANTD ADV CAVERN

IANTD Cavern Diver or IANTD Overhead Environment Diver manual
The dives must be recorded in the appropriate dive book and signed by the instructor.

Theory lessons as provided in the manual.
Before conducting any diving activity in real caves, at least one training session must be carried out in confined water, in a free environment, not in a cave and at a maximum depth of 10 m.
Training in open water, minimum one hundred minutes of immersion (bottom time) to be carried out in at least two (2) cave dives at a maximum depth of 40 meters, without decompression.


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