From 2003 to today IANTD Expeditions has organized and carried out numerous underwater expeditions with cultural purposes of exploration, study, research, on shipwrecks of high historical value, including the battleship Szent Istvan (Santo Stefano) in the Adriatic, the transatlantic Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea, the battleship Regina Margherita, the hospital ship Po, the troop transport King Umberto, the destroyer Intrepido, the torpedo boat Andromeda in Albania, the submarine UC14 in the North Sea, the steamship Monrosa in the Aegean and the royal submarine Scirè in Israel. Recently he has collaborated with the CNR-IBE of Trento for the geo-positioning, survey, sampling and dendrochronological analysis of the tree species of the submerged forest of Lake Tovel (TN). For further information

To pursue these purposes, the agency organizes courses called IANTD Expeditions Training, aimed at the didactic and training training of divers who wish to learn the basic knowledge necessary to tackle an official expedition of exploration and study of wrecks of high historical and cultural interest.

Theoretical training is carried out by developing the following subjects: i) bases of underwater archeology and history of navigation, ii) classification and structure of ships, iii) hints of archival and documentary research, iv) survey and measurement techniques, v) nautical procedures , vi) decompression stations and safety measures and finally vii) protocol for underwater exploration expeditions. All lessons are taught by highly qualified teachers and instructors.

The practical application during diving completes the theoretical teaching offered by the teachers, thus outlining a well-rounded work that can fully fit into historical archeology, especially underwater and industrial archeology.

With this in mind, the study of the wreck of the Mohawk Deer, within the Protected Marine Area of ​​the Portofino Promontory, is an integral part of the courses and represents a unique opportunity of its kind intended to enhance an immersion inside the AMP Portofino. Within the training program, in fact, there are factors of historical and cultural enhancement of the underwater site of interest. In addition, the aim of carrying out measurements, surveys and video-photographic coverage necessary for a reconstruction of the wreck during the dives, confirm its scientific aspect. The photographic video analysis of the hull structure and some elements of particular interest belonging to the engine system, performed in collaboration with external scientific technical consultants, represents a study of the bases of industrial archeology.

To date, instructors and divers from the IANTD teaching agency from all over Italy have taken part in this training activity and diving, with the possibility of subsequently extending training and activities to other clubs and associations.

The logistic organization of the dives is managed by the Diving Group Portofino based in Rapallo (GE).

On 1 December 2021, with letter prot. 0001931, the Management Consortium of the Protected Marine Area of ​​the Portofino Promontory has granted the IANTD underwater teaching agency the patronage for the didactic activity of studying the wreck of the Mohawk Deer.

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