The House of the Mayor

After passing a sandy area heading towards the west, between 15 and 30 Mt, you come across a landslide. Here you can spot moray eels, conger eels, scorpion fish.
If you look very carefully, on a lucky day,  you can find clinging to the Posidonia (Sea grass),  or in some small cove, the ‘Hippocampus guttulatus’ (Long snouted yellow seahorse).
This dive is also special because at a depth of 50 Mt. there is also the rare, False black coral (Gerardia savaglia).
The presence of damselfish and silversides attract predators such as snapper, amberjack, and bonito.
Also very easy to see just outside into the blue, large numbers of schools of barracuda – this is a real thrill!

Underwater Landscape: Landslide, plateau, wall

Average depth: 23mt

Visibility: Good

Dive level: Easy

Current: No current

Marine Environment: Posidonia (Sea grass), Caulerpa racemosa (Sea grapes) , red & yellow Gorgonia (Sea fans), Gerardia savaglia (False black coral)

Marine life: Snapper, amberjack, grouper, barracuda, ‘Hippocampus guttulatus’ (Long snouted yellow seahorse), damsel fish, silverside, Scombridae (bonito)