Lion's Head

Testa Del Leone gets its name from the large rock above the water which resembles a lion’s head.
Descending the mooring chain and swimming towards west, you will join an amazing wall which descends vertically from 22 Mt to 30 Mt. The wall is covered with pink Gorgonian (Sea fans) and many branches of red coral.
There are numerous ravines where you will see moray eels, lobsters and octopus.
Throughout the dive you will be accompanied by snappers and groupers.
At the end of the dive, at approximatelly 6 Mt there is a cave where there is a source of fresh water that mixes with the sea water. Inside you will see worms and madrepore (stony corals) and under the roof of the cave, you will usually see  Musdee (Gadidae family).

Underwater landscape: Wall

Average depth: 27 m

Visibility: Good

Current: No current

Dive level: Easy

Marine Environment: Gorgonians (Sea fans), red coral, coral, madrepore (stony corals)

Marine life: Grouper, snapper, lobster, dogfish, conger & moray eels