The Light House

The Light House is one of the most fascinating and marine-rich dives in the Marine Park.
The deepest part is characterised by a group of large rocks that form many different passages and ravines where you will see moray eels, conger eels and octopus.
Descending below 25 Mt you will see beautiful red Gorgonian (Sea fans) and there, two large old anchors that make this dive more impressive.
Towards the west, at 14 Mt, there is an extensive plateau where large groupers swim or rest on the rocks.
Looking out to the blue, you will see Dentex (snappers) and amberjacks that wait there to attack clouds of small damselfish and other small marine life.
Before you finish the dive at a depth of 8m it is important to admire a large rock that is covered with Parazohantus axinellae (Yellow cluster anenome), it is a true spectacle of nature!

Underwater landscape: Landslide, plateau

Average depth: 25m

Visibility: Good

Current: Low / moderate

Dive level: Intermediate

Marine environment: Gorgonian (Sea fans), coral, sponges, corals, Alicia mirabilis (Sea anenome), Parazoanthus axinellae (Yellow cluster anenome)

Marine life: Grouper, sea bream, snapper, barracuda, amberjack, damsel fish, tuna, monkfish, sea bass bream, scorpion fish, croakers, octopus, lobsters, slipper lobsters, moray eels & conger eels