Punta Vessinaro

The landscape of this dive is really impressive with vertical walls dropping down to 45 Mt, and forming a canyon with the external rocks.
At 35 Mt, you will find a spectacular wall of red Gorgonian (Sea fans), this is the largest colony in the Marine Park, the deeper you go, the bigger they get
There are many cracks and ravines in the wall – keep a look out for the lobsters long antennae, moray eels and octopus are always there.
Look out to the bule and you will find the predators, such as snappers and tuna who are waiting to launch attacks on the shouls of damsel fish that swim by.

Underwater landscape: vertical wall

Average depth: 27 m

Visibility: good

Dive level: easy

Current: absent / weak

Marine environment: sea fans, coral, sea grass, coral

Marine life: grouper, snapper, bream, rockfish, sea bream, salps, moray eels, nudibranchs, golden groupers, octopuses