The Dragon

Right in front of the mooring a wall forms a 90 degree angle. At 10 mt you will see the open mouth of a siphon which descends vertically and leads you to -23 mt.
Following Eastwards, along a wonderful wall which is home of many different species of marine life that includes corals, lobsters and other types of shellfish.

Moving away from the wall, towards the open sea, there are boulders scattered on the sea bed that are covered with beautiful Gorgonian (Sea fans) and are inhabited by moray eels, conger eels, lobsters and dogfish.

As you head back towards the wall make sure you look out to the blue because you will see schools of migratory fish such as snappers and amberjacks.

When you arrive back to the wall, at 12 mt, an amazing arch emerges in the wall you can swim under the arch, which is painted yellow by lots of yellow Madrepore. Inside there is a crack in the rock which is the home of groupers , Musdee (the Gadidae Family) and slipper lobsters.

Underwater landscape: Siphon, wall

Average depth: 27 m

Visibility: Good

Dive level: Medium

Current: No current

Marine Environment: Posidonia (Sea grass), Gorgonia (Sea fans), red coral & sponges

Marine life: Snappers, groupers, moray eels, forkbeards, slipper lobsters, sea bream & Musdee (the Gadidae Family)